A Design Methodology and Implementation for Corporate Network Security Visualization: A Modular-Based Approach

Andrew W. Luse, Iowa State University
Brian E. Mennecke, Iowa State University
Janea L. Triplett, Iowa State University
Nate Karstens, Garmin International, Inc.
Doug W. Jacobson, Iowa State University

This article is from AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction 3 (2011): 104–132. Posted with permission.


Research surrounding visualization for computer and network security has produced differing accepted methods for adequately developing security visualization products. The current work proposes a design methodology that melds the research of the three competing frameworks for security visualization development. In addition, a product that incorporates the proposed design methodology is developed, used, and evaluated. Findings show that users of the system believe the system has increased their effectiveness at performing network security tasks and are likely to use such a system in the future.