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International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications




Shared transportation is playing an increasingly important role in sustainable urban transportation planning and control. Because it significantly affects people’s daily life, socio-economic development, and the environment, shared transportation has attracted attention from scholars and practitioners alike. For the former, the large number of articles published on the topic reveals the growing interest. Of interest are the articles that focus on travel behaviours, user characteristics, and social-economic impacts of shared transportation. Herein, we review 356 peer-reviewed articles on the topic that were published between January 2003 and September 2017. We employ a bibliometric method to investigate the overall characteristics, research methodology, research highlights, and research areas of these articles. Our analysis explores and discusses user travel behaviours, traffic satisfaction, key determinants, impact, development planning, and policies. Finally, we provide a detailed discussion on the future research challenges and new research directions for shared transportation.


This accepted article is published as Suna, Z., Wang, Y., Zhoua, H., Jiaoa, J., and Overstreet, R.E. (2019). Travel behaviors, user characteristics, and social-economic impacts of shared transportation: A comprehensive review. International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications. Doi: 10.1080/13675567.2019.1663162. Posted with permission.

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