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Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1 (2013)


Sir (Issue 3)
Sir Magazine


From the editor
John Lonsdale


Skilled grill
Caitlyn Diimig, Joe Summers, and Claire Powell


Plant picks
Myra Krieger-Coen, Abby Smith, and Taysha Murtaugh

5 man cave musts
Katie Miner

Male birth control
Caitlyn Diimig and Jennifer Schrimper

Boundary waters canoe area
Mike Gray and Natalie Heisterkamp

Charles Poulson and Alison Gamm

A new kind of man cave
Abe Burzette and William Deaton

A sport for troops
Ethan Subra, Andres Sierra, and Mike Ray

Get cut
Thomas Graeve, Taysha Murtaugh, and Matt Wettengel

Q&A with the mic guy
Dean Berhow-Goll, Kevin Simon, and Yue Wu

Miss Iowa Q&A
Matt Wettengel and Rachel Hentges

Dude, where's my car facts?
Kelsey Schirm, Tyler Kennedy, and Jennifer Schrimper

Iron Mom
John Lonsdale, Madison Jerde, and Emerald Klauer

Dress to progress
Sir Magazine

Walk of shame
Taysha Murtaugh