Soybean Genetics Newsletter


With the realization of protein gap in human nutrition and shortage of edible oils in India, great emphasis is being placed on extending the culti-vation of soybean in the country. Falling in line with this trend, varieties introduced from the United States of America, e.g., 'Bragg', 'Lee', 'Hardee', etc., were tested in comparison with 'Punjab No. l', in the midhill region of Himachal Pradesh at Kangra (the place of development of variety Punjab No. 1, evolved in early fifties, Singh et al., 1958), and it was realized that in this region the introductions were not superior to Punjab No. 1 in all the desired agronomic traits (Table 1). It is known that most of the U.S. varieties have in their ancestry ma-terial from Manchuria.