Soybean Genetics Newsletter


Sixteen soybean genotypes comprising the parentage of cultivar Forrest were grown in pots in the greenhouse and under field conditions to determine whole-plant and single-leaf net photosynthesis (Pn), leaf-area index, dry-matter accumulation, photosynthate partitioning, leaf conductance, and yield uynder field conditions, the range in pN was 47.9 to 29.6 mg C02dm hr for 'Illini' and 'Haberlandt', respectively (Tables 12 and 15). Illini also had higher photosynthesis (whole-plant basis) than all other genotypes grown in pots (Table 13). The range in leaf area index was 5.8 to 3.4. 'Volstate' accumulated more dry matter (505.0 g/m2) than all the other genotypes during the vegetative stage of growth (Table 14).