Soybean Genetics Newsletter


There have been numerous papers dealing with amylase isozymes in soybeans (i.e., Morita and Yagi, 1979; Hildebrand and Hymowitz, 1980; Kiang, 1981; Adams et al., 1981; Mikami et al., 1982). All have reported beta-amylase as the predominant amylase type in most soybean lines and that varietal differences in beta-amylase either for electrophoretic mobility, pl, or enzyme activity were observed. Gorman and Kiang (1978), Hildebrand and Hymowitz (1980), Kiang (1981), and Griffin and Palmer (1986) reported similar results concerning the inheritance of different beta-amylase electrophoretic variants (i.e., variants were the result of five different alleles at the Spl locus).