Soybean Genetics Newsletter


Developing of cold-tolerant soybean varieties is one of the new main trends in soybean breeding. Such studies were started in the USA (Veitenheimer et al., 1984; Unander and Orf, 1984; Harrison and Nickell, 1984; Hillsman et al., 1977; Hicks, 1978; Seddigh and Jolliff, 1984; Littlejohns and Tanner, 1976; Hume and Jackson, 1981; Voldeng et al., 1984; Sanbuichi, 1980; Goto and Yamamoto, 1972; Schmid and Keller, 1980; Szyrmer and Janicka, 1985; Gromova, 1975; Lunin, 1981; Malysh and Bobrikov, 1984; Sherepitko and Balashow, 1985). The experiments demonstrated that low temperatures reduced germination, field emergence, the rate of early growth and soybean yield.