Soybean Genetics Newsletter


Much emphasis is being placed on the development of new soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) cultivars resistant to various insect pests . Three soybean PI's (171.451, 229.358, 227.687) have been found to have antibiosis to Mexican bean beetle (Epilachna varivestis Mulsant) (Van Duyn et al., 1972) and corn earworm (Heliothis zea Boddie) (Clark et al., 1972; Hatchett et al., 1976; Joshi and Wutoh, 1976). These PI 's also have exhibited resistance to bean leaf beetle (Cerotoma trifurcata Foster); cultivars 'Shore' and 'Wye' also were observed to have leaf feeding resistance to this pest (Joshi and Wutoh, 1976).