Soybean Genetics Newsletter


Since adaptation of soybean and its dependence on various geographical and climatological factors has been a subject of debate (Byth , 1976 ; Summerfield and Minchin, 1976; Whigham , 1976), therefore, in the present study an attempt has been made to measure the environment biologically and to discuss the same in the light of physical limits of environment. Materials and methods : The experimental material consisted of 40 entries, representing 36 F4-derived lines of an inter-varietal cross , two parents involved in this cross, Pb1 and D60-9647, and two standard varieties, ' Lee' and 'D. S. 73-8'. The F4-derived lines were selected out of the 74 progenies, raised and evaluated during Kharif, 1977, for seed yield, specific gravity , and hundred- seed weight.