Soybean Genetics Newsletter


In India, soybean adaptability trials have revealed that, in order to stabilize yield and popularize soybean cultivation, breeders must look for genotypes with good germinability and wider adaptability under diverse geographical and climatological situations (Singh, 1976). Prospects of develop-ing different genotypes having varying degrees of adaptability would depend to some extent on the relationship between various adaptability parameters; namely, di (additive genetic effect-productivity), Si (genotypic regression -a measure of responsiveness), sd2 (deviation from regression - a measure of stability). This has been attempted in the present study on the same material as reported earlier (Gupta et al., 1981) by working out the correlations over all the 40 genotypes between the three parameters which were calculated as per Perkins and Jinks (1968) taken in pairs (Table 1).