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Educators might find clues to help them interest more or different women in enrolling in homemaking classes for adults from the important reasons for attendance given by women attending classes. From 1,358 women in such classes in Iowa in 1949-51, this kind of information was obtained by asking them to answer a questionnaire during an adult class meeting. Each woman rated the relative importance of each of 43 possible reasons for her own attendance by checking “much,” “ some” or “none.” These responses were studied reason by reason in their relationship to such factors as education, age group, occupation of husband, number and ages of children in the family, subject of study in the classes and size of town in which classes were held. As a result, it is possible to tell whether certain reasons seemed more important to homemakers with certain characteristics than to those with other characteristics; for example, to those with less than eighth grade education than to those with college degrees.

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Iowa State College. Agricultural Experiment Station


Ames, IA


Home Economics

Reasons given by Iowa women for attending homemaking classes for adults