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My grandmother had a wall map where she placed a thumbtack on every location she visited around the globe. I remember as a child falling asleep looking at that map imagining my snow-haired grandma trekking though the Holy Land, hiking up a mountain in Chile and getting henna tattoos in Morocco. Grandma used to say she'd rather eat beans and rice for a month than miss a trip. I thought international travel was only something you did when you were retired, or if you were wealthy. That is, until I became a freshman in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Then I learned there were scholarships to help pay for international experiences. I earned my first thumbtack abroad as a freshman in the college. Thanks to that first international experience I gained a bit of "cross-cultural ease" Shelly Taylor talks of instilling in students. I've placed many more thumbtacks since, and my worldview is better for it.