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Trying Cy On For Size


Barbara McBreen


Cy isn't shy. Cy dances, hugs and throws high-fives to enthuse and entertain Iowa State University fans. Matt Burt, a junior in agricultural business, has been watching Cy all his life. His parents and older brother went to Iowa State, and he grew up attending Iowa State games. Burt always knew he would be a Cyclone. He never guessed he would be Cy. Last year he went to the mascot squad tryout so he could try on Cy's suit just once before he graduated and say he'd been Cy for 15 minutes. After attending a meeting before try-outs he decided to take the challenge and compete. "They gave us directions on how to plan a five minute skit," Burt says. "It was very competitive." Along with running with the Iowa State flag and performing the Cy strut, Burt and his friends put together a winning skit. They had Cy working out to the theme song from the Rocky movie; challenging volunteers like Burt whose dedication and enthusiasm make Cy shine.