STORIES in Agriculture and Life Sciences

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Entrepreneurial Spirit


Do you believe there's something inherent about agriculture or life sciences that (pardon the express) provides a rich soil for growing entrepreneurs? Roger Underwood: Absolutely! Agriculture and life sciences are changing rapidly due to the many "input" advancements in seed (genetics), equipment and services and "output" advances such as food, energy and feed utilization. In all of these changes there is unending opportunity for entrepreneurs to create new value. Entrepreneurs thrive when any market is changing rapidly so the ag and life sciences markets are ripe for entrepreneurship. Charles Sukup: There really is something with agriculture and the people in it that see the day-in and day-out risk that contributes to an entrepreneurial attitude. Farming is being independent and being an entrepreneur. You're in control of many things, but in the big picture you;re not in control of weather, government programs or markets. You have to focus on what you can control. That is a good analogy for all sorts of entrepreneurs.