STORIES in Agriculture and Life Sciences


Maggie Howe's products are a bit different from those of most Iowa farmers. Handmade, natural bath and body care products and luxury pampering items like "magic mud" are among the offerings created from the bounty of her herb farm Praireland Herbs, near Woodward. Howe and her mother and business partner Donna Julseth are at home with other niche farmers in her area, as well as conventional farmers. As she says, they all strive for the same goal. "We are taking our land and skills and using that to create a sustainable livelihood. Everyone wants to do that whether they grow sheep or corn or vegetables," Howe says. "We can learn a lot from each other." Howe ('98 public service and administration in agriculture, environmental studies), and Julseth have been growing herbs for their bath and body products for nearly 13 years on the two acres Howe grew up on.