STORIES in Agriculture and Life Sciences

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The Buck Won't Stop Here


Barbara McBreen


In 1894, Alle Buck's great, great grandfather got off the train near Rhodes, Iowa and bought a farm with his brother. Today, Buck calls it home. "We've farmed this land for over 100 years and it's in my blood," says Buck, a senior in animal science. Buck is proud of her fifth-generation farm and even more proud that she's a third-generation Iowa State student in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Her grandfather and grandmother met at Iowa State and together they raised six children who all attended Iowa State, but she's the first woman to pursue a career in agriculture. "My three uncles and my dad majored in agriculture," Buck says. "It wasn't easy for women to pursue degrees in agriculture back then, like it is now." After graduation this summer, Buck plans to build and run a swine finishing facility with her brother-in-law. Raising livestock has taught her about life. The key, she says, is putting their needs first.