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Everyone Eats.


Eating is one of the great, shared experiences that tie us all together. You can't ask for a favorite recipe without hearing a story. You'll hear about Nana as well as her sugar cookies. You'll laugh at the retelling of a mother-in-law's reaction to a meal. You'll cry as someone shares the only dish their father could stomach during chemotherapy. You'll hear about huge life events tied to food- weddings, funerals and everything in-between. Food, both eating it and talking about it, is a conduit for connecting to others. So is growing it. This issue highlights some of the work the college is doing in research, education and extension linked to food-growing it, eating it and understanding it. Please don't look at this issue as the main course on food production work at Iowa State- we'd need volumes, not just one issue. Rather, enjoy this sampling featuring a variety of successful people and programs. We've turned the pen over to a few such people and programs. We've turned the pen over to a dew such people in our "Voices" section on page 16 to share their perspectives on food production.