STORIES in Agriculture and Life Sciences


Willy Klein


Living a homegrown lifestyle on a small parcel of land is second nature for those having grown up learning "how it's done." For others, the desire to reconnect to the land comes with a realization that there is much to learn. Homegrown Lifestyle, an Iowa State University Extension course piloted during spring 2011, was created with those people in mind. Iowa State's Jennifer Bousselot, Iowa Master Gardener coordinator, and Andy Larson, small farm sustainability specialist, designed the course for people with visions of producing food for their own use and practicing natural resource stewardship, but not knowing how or where to start. "Homegrown Lifestyle brings campus and local experts together to offer a complete educational experience. It helps us meet the demand for more information about growing, raising and preserving food for personal consumption," says Bousselot.