STORIES in Agriculture and Life Sciences


Craig Morris always wore his St. Louis Cardinals hat. As a freshman animal science student at Iowa State in 1988, that hat made him feel at home. It also caught the eye of his meat science professor, F.C. Parrish, who would come to do the same. Morris ('92 meat science), now the deputy administrator of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Livestock and Seed Program, credits Parrish's influence for leading him to his dream job- facilitating the domestic and international marketing of the nation's meat supply. Like Morris, Parrish was a native of the St. Louis area, and felt an instant kinship. "He was an excellent scientist as a young guy. You don't find them that work any harder than Craig did. He wanted to succeed," Parrish says. Morris worked with a butcher in high school and was working for Carriage House Meats in Ames at the time. "I loved everything about the meat business," Morris says, "and F.C. loved teaching people about the business. We gravitated toward each other.