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Built On Trust


When Janine (Stewart) Whipps was a student at Iowa State, her family's farm faced a crisis when pseudorabies struck the purebred Duroc herd. The family worked with Iowa State to successfully transfer embryos from their best Duroc sows and implant them in disease-free sows. The result: Elite genetic lines were saved and the herd rebult. Whipps ('83 agricultural journalism) wrote a story about it. She pitched it to Successful Farming magazine, which bought the article and ran it. "That was the first article I ever sold. It was a big deal. As a student, you have to do things like that to be different and stand out from the crowd," she says. "That's what I tell young people who have a passion for agriculture and for communications." Whipps has lived her advice. She's one of the principals of Morgan&Myers, a company she's been with 27 years, that provides integrated communications and strategic planning services for agricultural clients in animal health, seed, banking, commodity organizations and more. The company offices in Waterloo, where Whipps is based, and Waukesha, Wis.