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Previous comparative mapping between the human and pig genomes suggested complete conservation of human chromosome 13 (HSA13) to pig chromosome 11 (SSC11). The objectives of this study were comparative gene mapping of pig homologs of HSA13 genes and an examination of gene order within this conserved synteny group by physical assignment of each locus. A detailed HSA13 to SSC11 comparison was chosen since the comparative gene map is not well developed for these chromosomes and a rearranged gene order within conserved synteny groups was observed from the comparison between human chromosome 13 and bovine chromosome 12. Pig sequence tagged sites (STSs) for six HSA13 genes were developed and physically mapped using a somatic cell hybrid panel (SCHP) to SSC11 with 85–100% concordance. Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) mapping also was applied to determine the gene order within each subchromosomal region. Results from this study increase the comparative information available on SSC11 and suggest the same gene order among examined loci on SSC11 and HSA13.

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