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Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering | Industrial Technology

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TSM 416: Technology Capstone


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


Industrial Technology (Niemeyer, Degaetano, Carney, Tucker)


Michael Anderson and Jacek Koziel

Problem Statement

The Hydroswing door for large equipment access to the south end of the Harvest Storage and Transportation building requires manual operation through the entirety of the open/close cycle. The operation of the door has risks concerning the safety of people and equipment. The door must have a safety device in place to make sure there is no equipment or personal in the way while closing.

o The client is an entity of Iowa State University located on the ISU BioCentury Research Farm.

o Manually operating the door creates wasted time because it requires a person to stand by the button for about five minutes while the door is in operation.

o Automating the door would allow the client to open the door by simply pressing a button, allowing the operator of the door to be able to carry out another task, examples would be preparing or moving equipment, while the door is running.

o There is a safety concern with the door being hydraulic; it will cause damage to anything in the path of the door while in operation.

o This problem is common among Hydroswing doors. They are common with aircraft hangers and other commercial buildings that need a large door for moving equipment in and out of the building.

o The solution can be implemented to other doors that are similar in design.