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Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering | Industrial Technology

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TSM 416: Technology Capstone


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


Industrial Technology (Hendricks, Burke, Woollen)


Michael Anderson and Jacek A. Koziel

Problem Statement

Ames Laboratory is a National Laboratory operated by Iowa State University on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy. They are dedicated to creating materials, inspiring minds to solve problems and addressing global challenges. Sarah Morris-Benavides, Matthew Besser and Roger Rink contacted Iowa State University’s ABE Department to find dedicated students to help them with their problems surrounding their gloveboxes, furnaces, and arc melter. The problem that Ames Laboratory faces is safely cleaning and removing hazardous, often pyrophoric, waste materials from the machines. The purpose of this project is to purchase/fabricate equipment and/or create a procedure to clean the gloveboxes, furnaces and arc melter in a safe manner. One unknown surrounding this issue was whether or not our solution will involve fabrication and/or a procedure. Our job was to narrow down the scope and provide the best solution for Ames Laboratory. By doing so, not only will these machines be clean, but the laboratory will have standardized instructions for safe and effective glovebox waste removal.