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Bioresource and Agricultural Engineering | Industrial Technology

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TSM 416: Technology Capstone


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


Agricultural Systems Technology (Contreras)


Michael Anderson and Jacek A. Koziel

Problem Statement

The Environmental Health and Safety Storm Water Program has used the RUSLE2 model for many years to quantify success by measuring the effectiveness of the ISU campus Storm Water Management Program. RUSLE2 provided estimates of the soil loss prevented by implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) specified in the Iowa Statewide Urban Design and Specifications for construction sites. ISU reports these estimates to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources each year in the annual report required by the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit. With the development of the newer WEPP (water erosion prediction project) model, it is beneficial to update the model used by Environmental Health and Safety as well. WEPP will help ISU stormwater managers visualize the multi-year effects of SUDAS BMPs and predict the benefits of long-term soil management.