There is an interesting phenomenon which occurs all to often all over the world in the 21st century, but is extremely common in the United States. People seem to assume that because they live in a country which values free speech, they are able to say whatever it is that comes into their mind at any given time. To be fair, whatever strange and peculiar thoughts you may generate, you do have the ability and right to express yourself, but it might just earn you a lawsuit.

If people were able to say whatever they felt/thought about anyone, there would be many more publications of outrageous claims and assumptions. Imagine, for example, that I decided to publish a biography of Sarah Palin in which I asserted that she spent her high school years in an affair with her drug-dealing math teacher, a man that assisted her ascendancy to the title of number one heroine dealer in Alaska. Might as well make her an addict while we are at it. I assure you that I could spin you a thrilling tale and that I could probably make a fair bit of money at that woman’s expense. The only catch is that this biography would fall under the dark umbrella of defamation.