Browse the contents of 2014 Symposium on Undergraduate Research & Creative Expression:

Session I.A: Law and Psychology
Moderator: Dirk Deam, Polticial Science
Session I.B: Animals and Disease
Moderator: Aileen Keating, Animal Science
Session I.C: Climate and the Environment
Moderator: William Simpkins, Geological and Atmospheric Sciences
Session I.D: Biology and Genetics
Moderator: JoAnne Powell-Coffman, Genetics, Development and Cell Biology
Session I.E: Engineering and Medicine
Moderator: Kaitlin Bratlie, Materials Science and Engineering
Session I.F: Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Moderator: Andrew Hillier, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Session II.A: Articulating History
Moderator: Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, History
Session II.C: Biology and Biochemistry
Moderator: David Oliver, Genetics, Development and Cell Biology
Session II.D: Mechanical Engineering
Moderator: Ted Heindel, Mechanical Engineering
Session II.E: Aerospace Engineering
Moderator: Jonathan Regele, Aerospace Engineering
Session II.F: Biomedicine and the Eye
Moderator: Jodi Sterle, Animal Science
Session III.A: Life Materials
Moderator: Harry (Jack) Horner, Gneetics, Development and Cell Biology
Session III.C: Communication and Psychology
Moderator: Dawn Sweet, Psychology
Session III.D: The Creative Mind
Moderator: Eric Cooper, Psychology
Session III.E: Animals and the Environment
Moderator: Kevin Roe, Natural Resource Ecology and Management
Session IV.A: Psychology
Moderator: Carolyn Cutrona, Psychology
Session IV.C: Materials Engineering
Moderator: Kristen Constant, Materials Science and Engineering
Session IV.D: Microbiology
Moderator: F. Chris Minion, Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine
Session IV.E: Designing the Environment
Moderator: Mimi Wagner, Landscape Architecture
Session IV.F: Markets and Economics
Moderator: Peter Orazem, Economics
Session V.A: Identity, Policy and Politics
Moderator: Dave Peterson, Political Science
Session V.B: Kinesiology
Moderator: Tim Derrick, Kinesiology
Session V.C: Art and Design
Moderator: Mikesch Muecke, Architecture
Session V.D: Diet and Health
Moderator: Ruth MacDonald, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Session V.E: Animal Science and Genetics
Moderator: Donald Beitz, Animal Science
Session V.F: Engineering and the Environment
Moderator: Simone LaFlamme, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Session VI.A: Movement and Health
Moderator: Philip Martin, Kinesiology
Session VI.B: Psychology and Gender
Moderator: Stephanie Madon, Psychology
Session VI.C: Science and Space
Moderator: Clayton Anderson, Aerospace Engineering
Session VI.E: Computer Science and Engineering
Moderator: Nathan Neihart, Electrical and Computer Engineering