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Session I.A: Plant Biology
Moderator: Kevin Roe, Natural Resource Ecology and Management
Session I.B: Chemical Engineering
Moderator: Rebecca Cademartiri, Materials Science and Engineering
Session I.C: Psychology and Sociology
Moderator: Stephanie Madon, Psychology
Session I.D: Biochemistry
Moderator: Olga Zabotina, Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology
Session I.E: Architecture
Moderator: Ross Adams, Architecture
Session I.F: Plants: Cultural and Environmental Impacts
Moderator: David Green, Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology
Session II.A: Applied Engineering
Moderator: U. Sunday Tim, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Session II.B: Gender Studies
Moderator: Christiana Langenberg, English
Session II.C: Mediated Mutagenesis
Moderator: Maura McGrail, Genetics, Development and Cell Biology
Session II.D: Geological and Atmospheric Sciences
Moderator: William Simpkins, Geological and Atmospheric Sciences
Session II.E: Language Education
Moderator: John M. Levis, English
Session II.F: History/Political Science
Session III.A: Mechanical/Industrial Engineering
Moderator: Theodore Heindel, Mechanical Engineering
Session III.B: Civil Engineering
Moderator: Simon Laflamme, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Session III.C: Solar and Aerospace Engineering
Moderator: Jonathan Regele, Aerospace Engineering
Session III.D: Microbiology and Genetics
Moderator: F. Chris Minion, Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine
Session IV.A: Design and Community
Moderator: Diane Al Shihabi, Interior Design
Session IV.B: Gene Expression
Moderator: Jeff Trimarchi, Genetics, Development and Cell Biology
Session IV.C: Math and Data Applications
Session IV.D: Soil Science
Moderator: Michael Thompson, Agronomy
Session IV.E: Honey Bee Biology
Moderator: Adam Dolezal, Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology
Session IV.F: Animal Food Production
Moderator: Stephanie Hansen, Animal Science
Session V.A: Genetics
Moderator: Michael Muszynski, Genetics, Development and Cell Biology
Session V.B: Animal Biology
Moderator: Aileen Keating, Animal Science
Session V.C: Kinesiology and Health
Moderator: Warren Franke, Kinesiology
Session V.D: X-Ray Science
Moderator: Scott Wendt, Center for Nondestructive Evaluation
Session V.E: Communication Studies
Session V.F: Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Moderator: Kristen Constant, Materials Science and Engineering
Session VI.A: Diet and Food Science
Moderator: Ruth MacDonald, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Session VI.B: Art Applications
Moderator: Jennifer Drinkwater, Integrated Studio Arts
Session VI.C: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Moderator: Nathan Neihart, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Session VI.D: Landscape Architecture and Design
Session VI.E: Literature Analysis
Moderator: Susan Yager, English
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