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Objective: To determine if the addition of a bench entry system in a commercial swine facility with a shower lowers the risk of personnel introducing environmental contamination.

Materials and methods: Fluorescent powder was used to assess the bench entry system by simulating environmental contamination carried on the footwear of personnel entering a commercial swine farm. On each of ten days, four female employees entered the premises, stepped through the fluorescent powder, performed bench entry procedures, and showered into the farm. For ten additional replicates, the bench was removed and regular farm protocols were followed. The fluorescent powder contamination was evaluated with a grid system at four sampling points including before the bench, after the bench, before the shower, and after the shower. Statistical analysis was conducted to determine if there was a difference in the number of contaminated grid cells found at each sampling between the treatment groups.

Results: Fluorescent powder was found after the shower on two study days in which the bench was removed but none when the bench was in place. There was a significant difference in contamination found directly after the bench between days with bench entry and days that the bench was removed, but this was not observed at any of the other sampling points.

Implications: A bench entry system may decrease the risk that pathogens reach the clean side of the shower, but improved protocols and additional layers of biosecurity are needed.


This article is published as Anderson, Amanda V., Cassandra Fitzgerald, Kimberlee Baker, Rachel Stika, Daniel Linhares, and Derald J. Holtkamp. "Comparison of shower-in and shower-in plus bench entry protocols for prevention of environmental contamination due to personnel entry in a commercial swine facility." Journal of Swine Health and Production 26, no. 4 (2018): 192-199. Posted with permission.

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