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In this study, the detection of PRV DNA in nasal swab (n = 440) and oral fluid (n = 1,545) samples collected over time from experimentally PRV vaccinated and/or PRV inoculated pigs (n = 40) was comparatively evaluated by real-time PCR. Serum samples (n = 440) were tested by PRV gB/gE blocking ELISAs (Pseudorabies Virus gB Antibody Test Kit and Pseudorabies Virus gpI Antibody Test Kit, IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., Westbrook, ME) to monitor PRV status over time. Following exposure to a gE-deleted modified live vaccine (Ingelvac® Aujeszky MLV, Boehringer Ingelheim, Ridgefield, CT) and/or a wild-type virus (3 CR Ossabaw), PRV gB DNA was detected in oral fluid specimens in a pattern similar to that of nasal swabs. For quantitative analyses, PRV PCR quantification cycle (Cq) results were re-expressed as “efficiency standardized Cqs (ECqs)” as a function of PCR efficiency using plate-specific positive amplification controls. ROC analyses of the PRV gB PCR ECqs results showed a similar performance of the PRV gB PCR for nasal swab and oral fluid specimens (area under the ROC curve = 85 % vs 83 %) and, based on an ECq cutoff of 0.01 a diagnostic specificity of 100 % and diagnostic sensitivities for oral fluid and nasal swab specimens of 53 % (95 % CI: 43 %, 62 %) and 70 % (95 % CI: 55 %, 83 %), respectively. Thus, the results described herein demonstrated the detection of PRV gB DNA in swine oral fluid and supported the use of this specimen in PRV diagnosis and surveillance.


This is article is published as Cheng, Ting-Yu, Alexandra Henao-Diaz, Korakrit Poonsuk, Alexandra Buckley, Albert van Geelen, Kelly Lager, Karen Harmon, Phillip Gauger, Chong Wang, Aruna Ambagala, Jeffrey Zimmerman, and Luis Giménez-Lirola. "Pseudorabies (Aujeszky's disease) virus DNA detection in swine nasal swab and oral fluid specimens using a gB-based real-time quantitative PCR." Preventive Veterinary Medicine 189 (2021): 105308. DOI: 10.1016/j.prevetmed.2021.105308.


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