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United States Department of Agriculture


Preparing for and responding to foreign animal diseases (FADs)—such as highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) and foot-and-mouth disease (FMD)—are critical actions to safeguard the nation’s animal health, food system, public health, environment, and economy. FAD PReP, or the Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Plan, prepares for such events. Studies have estimated a likely national welfare loss between $2.3–69 billion1 for an FMD outbreak in California, depending on delay in diagnosing the disease.2 The economic impact would result from lost international trade and disrupted interstate trade, as well as from costs directly associated with the eradication effort, such as depopulation, indemnity, carcass disposal, and cleaning and disinfection. In addition, there would be direct and indirect costs related to foregone production, unemployment, and losses in related businesses. The social and psychological impact on owners and growers would be severe. Zoonotic diseases, such as HPAI and Nipah/Hendra may also pose a threat to public health.


This report is part of the Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness & Response Plan (FAD PReP) 2014: 66 pp.


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